WRM012: Theresa Byrne on Turning Trauma into Transformation

Theresa Byrne was at the top of her game as the most decorated female martial arts practitioner in her style. She had a 4th-degree black belt and her own dojo teaching others the art of self-defense.  She was focused, determined and unstoppable – a force to be reckoned with.

And then … the accident happened. 

A car hit her from the rear, forced off the road and into a wall.  In the wreck she suffered a traumatic brain injury and had a near-death experience.

The life Theresa knew before vanished. In its place, a new journey started … one in which she had to learn about what she’d lost, and start the path to whomever she would become.

In this wide-ranging interview she talks about the pains and frustrations of loss.

She also shares the details of the near-death experience, and how it has become her North Star for moving forward.  From the top of her field, to trauma, to TEDx and beyond … it is a story of how one person has turned trauma into transformation.



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