WRM007: Discovering America by Scooter – An Interview with Stephanie Yue

She grew up in Atlanta, Beijing and Hong Kong. She’s a children’s book illustrator. She’s Asian-American. She (currently) has blue hair. And she’s riding all over North America … on a Vespa scooter. What would that be like?!

What drew me to interviewing Stephanie is her unusual background. Because of that – and because of what she’s doing – she can offer an unusual perspective on America. She’s a modern-day explorer that is both understated and ultra observant.

In this interview we explore her story – why she’s doing this, what inspired her to do it in the first place, lessons learned from the road, and her top tips for others who might be interested in doing their own adventures.

For more information, see her website at 250SuperHero.com.

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