WRM003: Interview with Lone Morch – Author, Adventurer and Photographer

What Makes Them Tick: Learn Life Lessons from Extraordinary People — i interview international adventurer, writer & photographer about a lifetime of exploring the world and sharing her creativity through writing and photography.

Lone (pronounced “Loo-nuh”) splits her time between San Francisco and Copenhangen. She also spent a lot of time in Nepal. As an adventurer, she has been a mountaineer and spiritual tour guide leader in Nepal Tibet. Her first book is called “Seeing Red” and explores her relationship and spiritual exploration.

As a visual artist and healer, she photographs women in vulnerable and unclothed states to help them drop stereotypes of how they should look and, instead, to embrace the body they have.

We cover all of this in the interview, plus she gives some of her hard-earned lessons from both her inner and outer adventures.

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