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Interview about Glaucoma, Rabbit Holes & Bucket Lists (Video)

This is an interview with me by Ana Acton at KVMR in Nevada City, California. 

It’s a wide-ranging discussion where I talk about my journey of almost going blind from glaucoma, dropping into a deep multi-year depression, and finally finding my way out.

I also speak about the power of having a bucket list, and how doing one of the experiences on mine saved my life.

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Three Quotes on Simplifying Your Life (Video)

How complicated is your life?  Could it use an overhaul?

Do you find that things – stuff, commitments, etc – are filling up your time with things that don’t even matter?

Here are three quotes to inspire you to get rid of whatever’s cluttering your life.

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What is Your ONE WORD for the Next Year?

Why have ONE WORD for your upcoming year? Well, how about Focus?

Think about it. Typically you might come up with a ton of New Year’s Resolutions, right?

Start a new diet. Exercise more. Take a class to improve a career skill. Buy a new car. Do an addition on your house. And on and on and on.

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How to Easily Move Your Existing Podcast to BuzzSprout (Video)

Looking for a great podcast hosting service?  Consider using BuzzSprout.

I’ve been hosting my podcasts on Libsyn for years.  It’s one of the “old guard”.  But I’ve always found their interface to be incredibly confusing and clunky. Basically it’s a pain in the rear to do anything on it.

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