There are lessons in losing a camera …

On Thursday night I hiked out to the Valley View “Bat Cave” (yes, really).  Tens of thousands of bats exit from an abandoned mine.  It’s both a visual and audio feast ~ I didn’t know one could hear bats fly.

Well, on the hike up to the caves I lost my camera; it fell out of my fannypack.  If there is one item I would most not want to lose on this trip, it is my camera.

But it happened.  I was up all night dwelling on it.  The loss of the pictures and videos on it I’d yet to download, the lack of my primary tool for capturing my experiences … it all kept me turning and churning all night.  I got out of my tent, came to the office where they have wifi, and immediately set out looking for a replacement.

Mainly though, I realized it was yet another loss stacked up on the many losses I’ve been experiencing over the past couple years – my vision, my home, and much of my assets.

This clip captures the essence of what I experienced, and the insights the experience provided …

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