Stuck in mud, lightning everywhere … life is GOOD!

It’s monsoon season here in southern Colorado, and – when the roads are muddy – the riding is slick and challenging.  A few miles after I turned onto a smaller road, the mud sections accumulated.  And then … I was stuck.

Just to make it interesting, a storm cell moved in.  Lightning everywhere.  Rain behind it.  It was just plain wild, and I felt alive


5 thoughts on “Stuck in mud, lightning everywhere … life is GOOD!”

  1. what was that noise at 1:11-1:13? a truck or a plane?

    let’s see, lightning strikes the highest point, the ground is flat, and you’re on the motorcycle, the only vertical object around. oh, i see, you’re trying to get your electrics charged for free!

    be careful.

  2. Yep … it was quite exciting out there! I was reminded of the song “Ride like the Wind … ” as I stayed on the leading edge of the storm. It was an incredibly visceral moment.

    1. Thanks Marlo. As wild as this sounds – I think I feel “safer” doing this than shopping in New York! 😉

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