Podcasting Resources

Go Anywhere, Long-form Content

The world is going OCD and a typical person’s attention span is about 2 nanoseconds.  Only diehards read longer blog posts or watch longer videos.  But there’s one area where long content still works – podcasts.  And it’s still in it’s strong growth period. 

Find a niche, dive in deep, deliver great content, and you’ll find new prospects and deepen your relationship with customers.  Here are some resources to help you in creating your own podcast.

Overviews / Good Articles

Podcast Hosting

You need to host your audio files somewhere, and that’s where a podcast hosting company comes in.  There are many out there, including the Libsyn beheamoth.  However, my favorite is BuzzSprout.  They are reasonably priced, have lots of tutorials, and a user-friendly interface.

If you want to “test the waters” with podcasting, Anchor is perfect.  It’s free.  You can use your phone.  And it’s as simple as it can be.  It loses out is if you decide to get serious about podcasting.   

If you use WordPress, you’ll need a plugin to play your audio files hosted at BuzzSprout (or wherever else they may be hosted).  One of the best things about the PowerPress plugin is that it puts an audio player on your single post page AND on your page with ALL your posts.  Very cool.

Audacity is all the software you need.  Because it’s open source, developers and coders have been freely continuing to improve it.  It does the basics – and then some!  The only downside is that the interface is a bit “clunky” when compared to premium software.  

Equipment & Software Recommendations


This is the best “reasonably priced” USB headsets I’ve come across.  It’s a great microphone to use for when you’re first getting started in podcasting.  It’s also great for when you’re traveling or when you have limited desktop space.  Highly recommended.


This is an incredible microphone for the money.   It sounds great and can be used as a USB or XLR mic.   Also, it’s  a dynamic mic, which means it’s really good at NOT picking up background noise.  You’d have to spend at least another $100 to get a mic that sounds better than this.