Resources for Writers & Authors

"Write On!"

Face it – writing is hard work.  It can also be a challenging and lonely pursuit.  This page has resources for writing, self-publishing and connecting with your fellow writers. 

Personally, my favorite place to work is in cozy coffee shops.  And one way of doing that is with a group called “Shut Up & Write”.  More info below. 

Forums & Good Info

  • Absolute Write – A good website on all things writing  Has a big forum, classes, etc.  McAllister Stone is one of the key people there.  Looks like Bartholomew Klick is another big contributor.
  • Kindle Boards “Writer’s Cafe” – An active forum where many authors are meeting.  Goes beyond just writing  for Kindle.
  • – Sean D’Souza’s site.  About information marketing, article writing, and headline writing, among others.  He has a free newsletter you can sign up for.
  • The Book Designer – Joel Friedman is a world-class book designer. But his website is an incredible resource for all aspects of writing. Highly recommended.
  • – Offers extensive online classes.  It seems like a common price point for their books is $360, and that they’re geared more toward “wannabe” authors that those who are more serious.
  • Screenplay Writing – A page with links to “all things screenwriting”.  Definitely worth checking out.


Professional Services

  • The Book Designer – Book designer Joel Friedlander has put together this deep site with links to all kinds of resources.  But his expertise is design, and here you can find all sorts of articles on designing your book, choosing fonts, etc.  A new item is his monthly book cover awards.  Check them out for great ideas.

Self Publishing

  • – A self publishing website.  Simple, clean site.  They have a free “How to” guide you can download.  Definitely worth checking out.
  • – Self publishing website.  A bit confusing at first.  But apparently they have all the tools you need to do self publishing, and do print-on-demand books.  Their info says “”Our innovative free tools and top-notch professional services make publishing and distribution easier than ever. Our royalty structure provides industry-leading economics, putting more in your pocket.”
  • – This is a popular self-publishing website.  They do real books, ebooks, calendars and photo books.
  • ParaPublishing – Dan Poynter is referred to by some as “the guru of self publishing”.  This is his website. Lots of articles for self publishing and many other facets of writing.  He already has a lot of books and seminars.