Doug Likes It!

Stuff I Like

This is a collection of gear, tools, techniques, equipment and other resources I especially like.   From audio to websites, you’ll likely find something here. 

There are recommendations on website platforms, audio gear, webcams, WordPress themes and page builders – and much, much more.  

Business Stuff

It’s amazing how much better you can look and sound with just a small investment in a good microphone and webcam.  This is especially true if you’re doing Zoom or Facebook Live sessions, creating information products, etc.

Not only does a website “validate” you, it’s where most prospects are going to have their first contact with you.  With all the platforms available now, you can go crazy trying to sort through it all.  This section includes recommendations on web platforms, image resources, website hosting, and more.

Podcasting is single best way to create “long form” contact for your prospects and customers.  They can literally take you anywhere – the gym, hiking, commuting and more.  It’s also a great way to reach out to prospects, build cred by demonstrating your expertise, and connecting with others.  I list the resources and equipment I recommend for this.


Writing is a challenging craft.  This is a list of forums, websites, organizations, professional services and self-publishing resources that an help you. Also, there’s a great Meet-up group that brings fellow writers together for focused sessions of “cranking out the words.”

There are a few books that have made a difference in my life.  They cover everything from meditation to writing, to adventure.  

My life’s journey has included a long, dark spell when I was diagnosed with advanced glaucoma. I was literally days away from going completely blind.  To say I “went down the rabbit hole” would be an understatement.  These are some of the tools and systems that helped me on my journey out of darkness.

Cheap eyeglasses?!  You betcha!  You can buy high quality eyeglasses for less than half the prices places like LensCrafter will rip you off for.  These resources are focused on glaucoma and vision.

As for glaucoma … it’s one of the leading causes of blindness.  Here are some resources that helped me.