My Services

Webinar, Zoom, and Facebook Live Video Editing

Are you using video tools to create classes and other video content?  While this makes it easy to create content, the videos it produces are rough around the edges.  They likely don’t have snappy beginnings, nice use of images or focused endings to get people to do something.

I can take these rough videos and add intros, outros, titles, text callouts, graphics and other items to make them professional,  get people to remember you, and to take action.

Story Coaching

Why do people choose one coach or consultant over another?  Very often it’s their story.  You are naturally drawn to a person who has a compelling story that highlights their expertise, shows a love for what they do, and demonstrates how they became so good at what they do.

As an author, interviewer and story crafter, I can help you find and develop your story – and then show you how to leverage it in ways that draw the right potential customers to you.

Speaker on Transcending Trauma

The reason I like helping others tell their story is the experience I had of almost going blind, into a prolonged depression and – finally – out the other side.  My award-winning book From Grief to Grace is one way I share that story.  Speaking is another.

I do two types of speeches – one about my story, and another about creating your story.