Montana ~ “A River Runs through it” …

Here’s another check-in from Montana.  After a lot of riding, I stopped by this stream, and it reminded me that Montana has LOTS of rivers and streams – many famous for their trout fishing …

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  1. Hey Doug –
    Glad to see you riding along here in Montana. I love Big Sky country – spent a few weeks there back in the summer of ’97 – and it remains dear to my heart. As do you! Just now – Sat nite – in between a 2 day w/Adya – in San Rafael at the JCC — inspirational – beyond words. (Of course!) I’ll be on a 7 day retreat with Adya at Omega Institute – in Rhinebeck, NY – 2 hrs north of NYC — from 9/10 – 9/17.
    Look forward to catching up with you in person!
    Travel safely and joyously!

    1. Hey Rob … thanks! Montana is beautiful, though it’s been unseasonably cold up here. Have a great Adya retreat …

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