Media Services to Help You Market, Teach & Sell



Email copywriting, course mapping and creation, and streamlined audio and video editing are my core services.

Attract, Engage & Sell


Emails remain the single best way to engage and motivate your prospects and customers.  There are specific email approaches available to create unique responses.

Audio & Video Editing

Simple things with a big impact – that’s what even some simple tweaking of your audios and videos can do for you.  Adding intros and outros, improving the audio, and other “high production value” edits will take your audios and videos to another level.


What REALLY matters in your business?  If YOU are the product, then your story is one of your most valuable assets.  What are they key moments from your life?  How did they affect you?  How can you leverage them in your branding and messaging?  That’s what my Essencing process is designed to do.


How Copywriting Can Help You

  • Relationship Building
  • Product Launches – 
  • Special Announcements
  •  Newsletters
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Daily Emails
  • More

Streamlined Audio & Video Editing

Simple Editing for Info Products

Are you using video tools to create classes and other video content? While this makes it easy to create content, the videos it produces are rough around the edges. They likely don’t have snappy beginnings, nice use of images or focused endings to get people to do something.

I can take these rough videos and add intros, outros, titles, text callouts, graphics and other items to make them professional, get people to remember you, and to take action.

Enhance your smartphone and webcam videos that get people to take action. Services I provide include:

  • Intro – to brand your video and start engagement.
  • Call-to-Action – Add a call-to-action at the end to send them to a specific link, subscribe to your channel, or inspire them to go to the next assignment.
  • Audio Enhancement – reduce background hiss, equalize the volume, etc.
  • Section Breaks – add a title before each new secion, or break up a long video into smaller ones for easier consumption.
  • And More – including removing long silence breaks, adding fades and transitions, cool backgrounds, etc.

Essencing and "Story Finding"

We are "meaning-making machines", and the way we make meaning is through story.

Why do people choose one coach or consultant over another? Very often it’s their story.

You are naturally drawn to a person who has a compelling story that highlights their expertise, shows a love for what they do, and demonstrates how they became so good at what they do.

As an author, interviewer and story crafter, I can help you find and develop your story – and then show you how to leverage it in ways that draw the right potential customers to you.