For Coaches, Consultants & Instructors Producing LOTS of Content

Get Essenced!

Essenced Content, aka outline summaries, helps you to quickly & easily get ideas “out of your head” and onto the screen, create course outlines that increase consumption & student success, and coaching call outlines for quick recall and student participation.

Services I provide

Essencing Interviews – Content-creation interviews for developing courses, getting your “story” together, getting your ideas out and onto the screen.  Recorded, transcribed, and turned into easy-to-follow outlines.

Course Outlines – Creating course outlines for existing courses.  Makes it easy for students to quickly see all the information in a module, decide which is the most important, quickly jump to that part of that video (time-stamped in Kajabi).  Increases consumption, retention, interaction and boosts outcome.

Coaching Q&A Call Outlines – Convert Coaching Calls & QAs into cliff’s notes.  Enables students to view at a glance the key points in an answer, jump directly to via the timestamp (in Kajabi).  It also can be “indexed” so people can search across answer to questions have those pulled up.  And enables course creators to use those answers on future courses.  They can also be turned into “video bites” that can be used on YouTube to sell a course and give a sample of the coaching program.