I Help You Plan, Produce and Deploy Presentations, Screen-capture Videos and Other Content

Combining my Journalism, Photography and Video background to help you deliver great content.


Video Examples

Podcast Presentation – A Zoom recording of a recent class I have on how to do your first podcast.

How to Record in Audacity – A screen-capture video on how to record in Audacity.

Divorce Book – Video book trailer for a client.

How to Move Your Podcast from another Host to BuzzSprout – A screen-capture video on how to migrate your podcast hosting.

The 15 Commitments – A “talking head” video I filmed & edited for a client that provides elite business coaching services

PCT Hike Photo Show – An entertaining & inspiring slide show utilizing the “Ken Burns Effect” of panning & zooming across images.

PowerPoint Examples

This is the slide deck I created for the podcasting class I give.  I created all the slides.

These is the slide deck I created on another class I’ve given on the entire process of writing, editing and publishing a book.

Podcast Examples

Here are examples of my podcast called What Really Matters Interviews.  If you click through, you can listen to them, and also see the transcripts done for each.  You can also see all the podcasts here.

See all of my podcasts at What Really Matters Interviews.

Link to Udemy Course

Udemy Course Created by Doug Greene


Skilled Interviewer & Listener

"Doug is a skilled interviewer and listener. Through his Essencing process, he was able to distill a lot of information and craft clear, articulate messages representing my company's brand and purpose."

Joy Taylor
President, Lead Online Academy
Helped in All Aspects of My Online Course

"Doug helped me develop the overall course strategy, produce collateral course materials, edit live-presentation videos for replay, and update the membership site after each presentation."

Allison Johnson
Online Instructor, TakeFlight
Great Presentation on Podcasting

"Doug, this was one of the greatest meetups that we've had! I really can't express my gratitude enough for your presentation."

Rachel Rose Teferet
Host, Nevada County Writer's Resources
Skillfully Blends Tech & People Skills

"Doug worked with us to produce a video series promoting and articulating our company's coaching paradigm for working with CEOs and other high-level business leaders. He combined technical and people skills that made our work in front of the camera easy and efficient. He also made it fun! We are very happy with the results."

Diana Chapman
Cofounder, The Conscious Leadership Group
Helped Me Create E-Learning Website

"Doug planned and produced an e-learning membership website for my course "How to Write Your Transformational Bestseller". It was the first time I’d ever created an online course. Doug planned out the structure of the site so the modules and sections naturally fell into place.

He took care of the technical aspects of pulling all the content together - including audio recordings, transcripts, worksheets, and more. Thanks to his work the students were able to access the course when and how it was convenient for them. He also was diligent with following up and helping the students who needed tech help.

Doug took the initiative on virtually all aspects of putting the e-learning site together and made it very easy for me to just concentrate on teaching."

Carol Klein
Produced a Great Video Trailer for My Book

"Doug created a video book trailer for my book Divorce Done Easier. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I appreciated his guidance on all aspects of creating it. He was able to ascertain the key points to emphasize by interviewing me. He then helped me understand how to best structure it, which visuals to use, and how to close.

And working with Doug was easy. Despite his having limited access to me because of my business responsibilities, he was able to “run with it” and create a trailer that represented my book in a way that appealed to potential buyers. Beyond the book trailer, he also helped me to understand how the whole content-marketing strategy works."

Carol Delzer
Attorney/ Mediator and Owner Family Law Center