Demolition Derby – destroying cars for FUN

As I was riding north, a huge storm front loomed over the landscape in front of me.  All I could think was “rain, mud, no!”.  As timing would have it, the town of Kremmling, Colorado, sat between me and the storm.

So I rode into town, hoping to find a place to eat, or possibly even stay overnight. As luck would have it, I found a great little hotel with $30/night rooms, so I stayed.

Turns out the town was hosting their county fair this weekend, and tonight was the – ok, grab your seatbelts – Demolition Derby Night!

Now for those of you living in Santa Cruz or Marin, watching a demolition derby might seem a bit … well, not the way you’d spend a Friday night. But out here in these small western towns, it’s a big deal.

The way I looked at it, chakra 3 is about power, and I couldn’t imagine a better demonstration of “boys & their toys” tweaking all the power they could muster out of headed-to-the-junkyard cars and simply bashing into each other into there was the “last man moving”.

The overall political flavor spread by the announcer was a bit conservative for me (many of these folks are big-time Palin fans), but the pure visceral thrill of watching “masters of destruction” smashing, bashing, and trashing their cars into each other appealed to a subconscious side of me.

Simply observing that was an interesting exercise.  Here are a couple vids I took …


Truck Division
(9:30 – long vid)


“Welded Division”
(think  “Unlimited” or “Gonzo”)
(4:30 – shorter vid)

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  1. I did enjoy your video of the demo derby in Kremmling, Colorado…Although the weather did not cooperate with your trip, I am thankful that you were kind enough to blog about such a little town and share such wonderful footage….The pink elvis car and the blue redneck truck were actually built by me and my brother in Casper Wy,as well as one each in the other two classes not shown….I have a video of this derby as well, but unfortunately it is edited….So thank you for thinking of my home town on your trip, and I hope you enjoyed the show……

    J.W. Jones

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