Ben is BICYCLING the Divide …

While riding through some remote country north of Breckenridge, Colorado, I ran into (well, not literally!) Ben Rowlands.  He’s bicycling the length of the Rockies and will end up in Canada.  He’s one of those Brits that just can’t get enough adventure.

I did a quick interview with him, and this clip gives a look at some of his gear.

But after filming him, I learned that he’s also ridden across much of Asia and other parts of the world.  He acknowledged what I’d heard from another British cyclist I’d met who’d ridden from London to Kathmandu on a bike – that Iran is a beautiful country to visit.

In my traveling experiences to third world countries, I tend to find a universal truth – while our governments may be at odds, and forever doing power plays, wars and other stupid games in the name of one cause or another – the people are awesome.

Anyway, I found Ben to be truly inspirational in both what he’s accomplished, and what he’s currently doing.  On the other hand, I wouldn’t trade my motorcycle for his bike under any circumstances.  For trips like this, I like my throttle

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  1. sooooo cool doug! i’m vicariously on your trip with you… i would also love to go to iran! everytime i see film from there i’m always impressed how articulate and educated, and friendly the people are.


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