Juicing – Day 1!

post-juicefast_excerptIs there no way to lose weight?  And what is the cost of that weight?

I hope juicing is the way that works for me.

I’ve tried boosting my workouts, cutting out almost all dairy, sugar, red meats, and more.  And yet … the weight persists, and even comes back even stronger than before. Finally it reached a break point – I went into ER with chest pains (my dad died of a heart attack at 65). And I had the realization I couldn’t do this on my own.

I heard about this thing called “juicing”.  A friend suggested watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. And that was the final wake-up call and the motivation to try this approach.

So I’ve found a “juicing coach” to help me do this process.

Day 1 – we hit Costco, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, and Newcastle Produce to stock up on pounds and pounds of veggies (enough to fill the back end of my Subaru Forester).  Then we spent the next several hours running it through a juicer, putting the resulting concoction into various jars, and then labeling them.

At the start of this process I weight 198 lbs and measure 43″ at my belly button.  I’m exactly 6′ tall.  To put this into perspective, when I graduated from high school I was one inch shorter and weighted 125 lbs.  I’ve certainly “bulked up” on muscle since then.  But I figure a good target weight for me is 170-175 lbs.  So 175 is what I’m aiming for; anything beyond that is bonus points!

I’ll share my experiences as I continue on this journey.


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